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Hello Girls,

Today I feel like I want to express my love for SUPER STRENGTH developed to make the weakest of nails strong enough to take on gel polish for longer, giving you harder, stronger natural nails. Made to prevent peeling and chipping.

As a person with bad nail history I was super excited to try the treatment. At the age of 18 I noticed that my nails were starting to come off YES COME OFF! Can you even imagine how bad that looked and made me feel, after a visit at the GP I was given vitamin D because I was very low on vitamin D.

After a few months my nails were growing and looking better but were never the same and to be honest I lost passion for nails after this purely because I didn’t like my nails anymore. I then started work at Candy Coat and the girls in the office introduced me to SUPER STRENGTH I was very curious if the treatment was going to help my helpless nails. I did my nails in the office and applied gel polish after a few hours later I noticed my nails were harder than ever, even felt stronger in about two weeks I took of my gel and the treatment and my nails were beautiful I fell in love with nails all over thank you Candy Coat for creating the best nail treatment out there..SUPER STRENGTH.



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