If we were to have anything written on our gravestones at CANDY COAT H.Q you’d probably see something along the lines of ‘here lies the gel manicure obsessive’. We LOVE gel manicures for so many reasons — they're quick, tough as nails (pun absolutely intended), and with the right aftercare can last for over 3 weeks! If you’re not maxing out the honeymoon period with your fresh set then now’s the time to listen up. There are tons of little habits and tips and tricks that could be sabotaging your gel mani lifespan. Stay tuned and thank us later! 

#1 Apply cuticle oil daily. 

So you prepared your nails perfectly before starting on your mani journey. Your application was on point and you even capped the edges of your nails when applying your top coat (*gold star for you*) but your nails STILL aren’t going the distance? The answer may lie in your mani-after care. Taking the time to pop a few drops of CANDY COAT Cuticle Glaze on your nails each day can really extend the life of your manicure and prevent it from chipping. Hold the dropper a few centimetres from your finished nail and gently squeeze a few drops onto each cuticle. Take a moment to lightly massage the oil into the cuticle and the sides of your nails to make sure the whole area stays hydrated, nourished and supple. Pro tip: for even sweeter hands, finish off with a generous squirt of our strawberries and cream hand lotion.

#2 Keep things chilled. 

We never said achieving a long lasting manicure was without certain sacrifices. Keeping your hands away from soaking for long periods in hot water can help prevent peeling and lifting. Extreme heat, like soaking in a hot bath or doing the washing up without washing up gloves can be a surprising recipe for disaster. Either stick to short showers or turn the hot tap down. Your choice. 

#3 File, wisely. 

This tip we love for when you’re starting to see a few signs of wear and tear but want to extend the life of your perfect look. If the edges of your nails are chipped and rubbed away, gently file them down and then apply another very thin coat to the free edge of your nail to lock in your look for longer. 

#4 Avoid harsh hand sanitisers.

Whilst we know that we now live in a post pandemic world where hand sanitisers are part of our everyday life, they can still have a surprising effect on the lifespan of your gel manicure. Avoiding using hand sanitisers with extremely high levels of alcohol will help to avoid these formulas drying out your skin, nail beds and cuticles. Did you know they can also strip your topcoat?! Staying clear (or seeking out one with hand friendly ingredients) can work wonders. 

Until next time, stay sweet! 


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