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Can you tell me about Candy Coat?

Candy Coat is a digital-only nail polish brand. We're known for offering the largest branded range of nail colour online currently at 1000+ shades with a collection of candy inspired nail products. 

What do you offer?

We offer a monthly gel and nail polish subscription box, a grab and go concept for salons and pro's, a PRO range, candy kits and an online colour shop. 

How many colours do you have?

To date we have 8,000 hues in our gel polish colour library. We currently have 800 salon quality gel shades, 80 nail polish, 60 paints, 12 candy stix, 35 acrylics, 22 builder gels and 40 dipping powder shades online.

What sort of colours do you have?

We have a range of textures including cremes, shimmers, glitters, chunky glitters, luxe glitters, holo, polka dot, galaxy, 2 time colour changers, 3 time colour changers, crushed candy, confetti, marble, fluff, pearl, glow in the dark, unicorn, cat eye, jelly, duo chrome animal print to name but a few. 

What other products do you have?

Candy Coat's product portfolio also includes gel polish, nail polish, paint for nail art, accessories, tools, brushes, liquid solutions, builder gels, an acrylic system, dipping powder, spa range, sugar glitter, beauty and merchandise. 

What makes Candy Coat unique?

We are not a traditional nail company. We're trendy and creative. We believe nails should be fun and our brand depicts just that. We even reward our customers with free candy with every order!

Totally focused on the unboxing factor and proudly known for our signature cute over the top packaging, we believe every delivery should be a delight to unwrap.

How long do Candy Coat gel polishes last?

Candy Coat gels lasts an average of 3 weeks, with a record breaking 10 weeks!

Are Candy Coat gels 100% gel polish?

Yes Candy Coat gels are 100% gel polish, not hybrids! 

Do I need to use a base and top coat?

Candy Coat products have been formulated to work exclusively together.

It is an absolute must that you use our products together. Pairing our formula with other products may not give you the desired results you expect. Always lay the foundation with our base coat, apply thin coats of colour and finish with either our regular or super shiny no wipe top coat. 

How do I pick a Candy Coat colour for me?

Part of the Candy Coat excitement is picking colours! Scroll through a rainbow of choice in our various product lines or pick from our various collections. 

How do I store my gel and nail polishes?

Keep polish away from any heat and avoid light. Store colour and nail products in a cool place.

How often do you restock?

We aim to restock every 3 weeks however dates vary depending on availability. 

Do you offer any discounts or a loyalty program?

We certainly do! We regularly hold IG flash sales and also have our Gumball Reward program which is free. Simply click on the pink tab on the bottom to get started. It's so fun!

My discount code does not seem to be working?

Our discount codes are to be used on individual items only. They cannot be redeemed on candy kits, colour boxes or subscription boxes as these are already heavily discounted.

What is Candy Cure?

Candy Cure is a range of our glossy blush pink UV/LED studio lamps. We have our 48W LED lamp which cures in 60sec and our Rainbow Candy UV/LED 60W light which cures in 15-60sec.

What is a Candy Kit?

Our Candy Kits are a great option if you are new to the brand. The all you need starter kits include items you need to create gel nails. They include full size colours and essentials. 

What is Hard Candy?

Candy Coat's Hard Candy is a range of affordable high quality acrylic powder and liquid.

What is Build-a-Nail®?

Build-a-Nail® is Candy Coat's range of builder gels that build gorgeous extensions and look great as an overlay on natural nails. It is an alternative to acrylic.

What is Paint?

PAINT is Candy Coat's cute little paint pot range for nail art and design.

What is Sugar Dip?

Sugar Dip is Candy Coat's range of dipping powder. Dipping powders are fine grains that create magical tips without the use of a lamp.

I'm a salon interested in stocking your brand, what do I do?

We love working with salons contact salons@lovecandycoat.com

I don't own a salon but I love nails and currently on a course, can I still order from you?

Of course you can! We support independent professionals and students on all levels! Contact our salons team salons@lovecandycoat.com  

I love your products and want to start a salon business, can you give me some advice?

Well done for taking the first step! Please ensure you are qualified and insured before offering services to the public. For more help and advise contact our salons team salons@lovecandycoat.com  

What is the minimum age when using gel polish?

Candy Coat advises that gel polish products are to be used on adults over 18. If you are a visitor under this age please sought parental permission before browsing. 

What time is live chat available?

Candy Coat is open 24/7 but we're on live chat on Monday to Friday from 9am - 9pm!

I need help with my order, who do I contact?

For order queries email customercare@lovecandycoat.com 

I need to change my address, who do I contact?

Changing your address is super easy to amend on your account however if you need assistance email hi@lovecandycoat.com 

Are your products cruelty free? 

100%. Candy Coat products are not tested on animals. 

Do you currently have any job openings?

Not at present!

Can you tell me about your subscription box please?

Candy Coat currently offers two subscriptions, the gel polish box and the nail polish subscription box.

What is different about your box?

Our subscription boxes are all about discovery. We feature curated colours for you to try. They may include colours you may have not picked up yourself but end up absolutely loving.

Our core aim is to deliver a fun filled box with our products allowing you to discover colour, get creative and to build a  colourful collection over time. 

What goodies do we get?

In both the the gel polish  and nail polish subscription box we always include matching goodies which include disposable essentials like cuticle tools and wipes, a gift of the month, swatch pops and candy. The content of the boxes are generally a surprise. 

When can I subscribe?


What date are subscription box payments?

Gel Polish Subscription - 15th of the month

Nail Subscription Box - 1st of the month

What happens if my subscription payment declines?

The system will automatically reattempt in 3 working days. To update any details please visit your subscription account as we can not update these for you manually. 

What happens if my payment comes out after the dispatch date?

In the event of a late debit payment for your subscription there may be a delay in receiving your box. Please contact customer care immediately if you believe there may be a delay in payment as we cannot guarantee there will be replacements available. 

Will you send me another box if my box goes missing?

If for any reason your box goes missing and there are no replacements, we will skip your subscription payment the following month. We do not offer any refunds on subscriptions. 

When will my subscription box be dispatched?

When I paid for my subscription When I will get my subscription
eg. January 1st - 21st January 21st - 25th
January 22nd onwards February 21st - 25th

If you subscribe after the dispatch date of your box, you will receive the following months subscription box. For example, this means if you happen to subscribe January 23rd for the gel polish box, you will receive February's box. 

Please note Candy Coat are currently testing an earlier delivery of subscription boxes so you may get your box as early as 16th - 21st of each month

What happens if my payment does not go through?

If your payment is processed after the dispatch date, you will receive the following months box. This means if your payments comes out January 22nd, you will receive February's Box not January.

Subscription payments must be debited on the relevant dates to ensure there is no disruption in our service to you.

Can I choose colours?

We colour pick month in month out, so you don't have to! 

Do you ship subscription boxes worldwide?

Yes we do!

I didn't receive my subscription box this month, help!

Don't panic! All subscription boxes are dispatched on the Royal Mail 48 service which is fully traceable. This means we will be able to locate exactly where your box is. 

Sounds fun! How do I sign up?

Gel Polish Subscription click here

Nail Subscription box click here

I need help with my subscription, who do I contact?

For subscription box queries, email customercare@lovecandycoat.com 

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