how to

Prepping Nails

Critical Steps

You will need a nail file, a buffer, mani towel, pusher, trimmer or mani scissors and a clean prep and wipe solution.

If you don't prep your nails, your gels won't last. To apply your candy like a pro, perform a dry manicure. Remove shine from your nails with a file (240 grit ideally) and dehydrate the nail with our bubblegum IPA clean, prep and wipe. Make sure your nails are 100% dry!

A dry manicure is simply not having to soak your hands in water prior to your application. To perform this, remove any polish you have on, file your nails and shape them. Apply some cuticle remover to soften them and exfoliate. Push your cuticles back, apply cuticle glaze and massage. Wipe with bubblegum IPA to keep your nails super dry and clean. Now you are ready to coat your nails in candy.

We would recommend 120/240 grit Candy Coat Nail for to prep your nails

Gel Polish


You will need the basics: Candy Coat Tight Bond, Base Coat of your choice, a Colour of your choice and our best selling Top Coat No Wipe Super Shiny No Wipe Top Coat.

Make sure you shake the bottle vigorously. The gel polish cures 30-60secs (30sec with Candy Cure, 60sec with any 48W lamp) on each step with LED and 2mins on each step with UV. Once your nails have been prepped, lightly apply our Tight Bond primer and allow to air dry in 10secs. 

Once your nails are ready it's base, cure, colour, cure, colour, cure, top, cure! Always use thin coats, cleanse, a dab of our candy scented cuticle glaze and you are good to go!

Try not to work the gel too much! Take your time whilst applying thin coats for a flawless application. If gel floods into the cuticle, simply use a dry brush with alcohol to clean before curing. 

Thin coats! Always apply thin coats from the base to the top coat. Make sure to cap the free edge on all coats. 

It's the edge of the nail that extends beyond the fingertip. Also make sure you coat the edge from side to side to ensure your candy is fully capped!

It's super easy with Candy Coat! With a light buff to the top coat, a good soak of our bubblegum acetone in cotton candy wool securely wrapped in foil or clips for up to 10mins, Candy Coat will begin to just flake off. Use our pink gel polish scraper to scrape the gel off, buff your nails then wipe away the dust with our bubblegum clean, prep and wipe. 

If you are looking for a super fast removal solution, Popping Candy is the best option. Gel polish removes in 1 - 3 mins.

Using our neon pink sticks or our pink gel remover scrap tool delicately remove the gel polish from your nails. 

You may have weak or brittle nails that do not take on gel polish for long! We have solved this problem with two products, Tight Bond and Super Strength. Apply both prior to any gel polish application. 

As long as you apply correctly with thin coats, using our base coat, top coat and using the correct lamp to cure, whilst ensuring that all fingers are positioned correctly in the lamp, you should have absolutely no problems!

To hide imperfections and for the best coverage our builder gels are your go to product. Apply our builder gel over the nail as you would do with gel polish, using thin coats. It is applied exactly the same way as gel polish and cured 60secs on each step with LED and 2mins with a UV lamp. 



Looking to create a little length or step out of your comfort zone and go 3cm longer? Build-a-nail® is the perfect option.

You will need tips or candy nail forms, nail file ideally 100/180 grit, Tight Bond, Base Coat and Top Coat.

Ensure your nails are sanitized and filed. Etch the nail by scuffing the surface and dust off any excess. Wipe with clean, prep and wipe.

Prime your nails with Tight Bond and allow to air dry for 10secs.

Place the candy nail form around the free edge, ease form into the c-curve shape and seal from the back.

Apply a base coat to the nail place and cure for 30-60secs.

Using a builder nail colour of your choice, carefully apply your first coat as you would do gel polish and apply over forms to desired length.

Cure for 60seconds.

Apply a second coat paying attention to the highest point the nail. Using the very edge or corner of the brush, lightly guide the gel from side to side and front to back to even out the thickness and perfect the shape.

Cure for 60seconds. Once cured, wipe the surface of the nail and shape.

Apply Top Coat and cure or if you prefer a colour this is where you would then apply gel polish as normal and top it off and cure for a further 60 seconds.

Finish with Cuticle Glaze and Turkish Delight Finishing Hand Spray.


Application of treatment products

Super Grow to the rescue! Candy Coat's new powerful treatment formula will support growth of nails whilst keeping them strong and healthy. 

The first thing to do is prep nails.  Apply Tight Bond (optional) and allow to air dry for 10seconds. Apply one thin coat of super grow

Cure for 60 seconds. Apply another thin coat of super grow and cure for 60 seconds. Apply a second thin coat of super grow

and cure for 60 seconds. Wipe with clean.prep.wipe when using regular top coat. Finish with cuticle glaze.

Prep your nails and ensure they 100% dry. Apply Tight bond and air dry fro 10seconds. Apply one thin coat of rapid repair and cure for 60 seconds. Apply a second coat thin coat of rapid repair

and cure for 60 seconds. Then apply one thin coat of top coat and cure for 60 seconds. Wipe with clean.prep.wipe when using regular top coat and finish with cuticle glaze.

We recommend a fortnightly treatment. 

Both products have been developed to combat individual problems therefore we recommend you to use them individually to see results. 

You certainly can however we recommend you not to for badly damaged or bitten nails. 

Yes! We certainly do! Candy Coat's Quick Fix will conceal any imperfections whilst making them flat and smooth. 

No problem! Candy Coat's Colour Correct is amazing and conceals and corrects discoloured nails. 

Of course! We've developed an amazing product called Detox that revitalises and charges your nails after consistent gel mani's. 

Simply apply our sweet scented candy coated cuticle glaze or cuticle conditioner on a daily basis!

And for even more sweeter hands, finish off with a squirt of our strawberries and cream hand lotion.

Sugar + Bling

Application of Sugar Glitter, Nail Decor and Crystals

To apply our sugar glitter, you will need:

Gel Polish colour of your choice

Sticky Sugar Glaze

Top Coat of your choice

Glitter brush or any other brush

UV or LED lamp

Apply base coat and cure

Paint your first layer of polish and cure for 30-60sec

Paint your second layer of polish and cure

Apply a thin layer of sticky sugar glazend cure for 30secs

Gently buff in Sugar with a Glitter Brush

Repeat on each nail

Apply Top Coat of your choice and cure for 60secs

Bling is Candy Coat's collection of crystals. You will need our Pencil Picker, Bling of choice, Sticky Sugar Glaze and Top Coat of your choice.

To apply Bling to uncured nails:

After second coat of polish, cure for 30-60secs

Apply Sticky Sugar Glaze and cure for 30secs

Using picker pencil, pick Bling of your choice and place on desired areas on the nail

Apply Top Coat of choice and cure for 60secs

To apply Bling to your nails:

Apply a thin, light layer of Sticky Sugar Glaze to desired area and cure for 30secs

Place Bling on adhesive

Apply Top Coat and cure for 60secs to secure ther crystals.

To apply Nail Decor to uncured nails:

After second coat of polish, cure for 30-60secs

Apply Sticky Sugar Glaze and cure for 30secs

Using picker pencil or picking tool, pick nail decor of your choice and place on desired areas on the nail

Apply Top Coat of choice and cure for 60secs

Cookie Dough

Application of cookie dough ppopularly known as 'polygel'

Candy Coat's Cookie Dough is our fabulous acrylic and gel combo, popularly known as 'polygel'. An amazingly fun product to use to create natural looking extensions.

If you are buying items individually as opposed to the Cookie Dough Kit, you will need:

Cookie Dough Colours

Clean, prep and Wipe

Nail Brush

Reusuable Cookie Dough Tips


Base Coat

Top Coat

Nail Pads

Yes its important to always prep nails properly in order for the nail extension to hold

Once nails are prepped, apply thin lat base coat and cure

Using the spatula side of the brush, scoop product onto the reusuale nail tips and dab into shape.

Ensure its thinner by the cuticle area and thinner on the end.

Apply natip onto nail and press lightly.

Remove any excess gel from the edges of the tips if need be.

Cure the nail for 60secs.

Lightlyop the resusable tip off the nail.

Repeat on all nail on one hand.

Shape and file into desired shape

Apply Top Coat of choice and cure for 60secs.

Of course you can!

Get creative and add any embellishments before the Top Coat step by applying Sticky Sugar Glaze first.

Apply your desired nail art, apply Top Coat then cure!