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Welcome to Candy Coat PRO

A membership program for professional nail technicians, salons and students

You can join Candy Coat PRO for free! Simply register an account and email over certificates. If you want to receive discounts all year long, read on....

Our members only discount scheme is a unique way for our members to feel part of an exclusive club that caters to the professional whilst putting their business interests at heart. 

With over 7000 nail colours in our colour library and an exciting range of pro products, Candy Coat's scheme will enable you to purchase a never ending collection of colour keeping your business on trend.

We guarantee outstanding high quality products, highly competitive prices and gorgeous colours to entice your clients all year round. 

To apply to Candy Coat Pro, simply 

1. Create an account

2. Once you have registered for an account, apply online using our form right here

**To qualify you must be a professional operating in the nail and beauty industry or a student currently undertaking a course.

3. Once verified, you will receive an email from our salons team with further details and information to join the annual membership. If you do not wish to join the annual membership, you can still join for free. 

4. If you have subscribed to the paid annual membership you will have access to shop products at a 20% discount all year for qualified members or 10% discount for students.

**If you have already been verified, simply purchase your annual membership below. Once complete you will have access to discounts automatically.

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