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subscription box faq

Can you tell me about your subscription box please?

Yes certainly! Candy Coat currently offers the gel polish subscription box. We've named the box 'Sweet Little Something' as it features our delicious Candy Coat colours and some cute goodies. 

What is different about your box?

Our subscription box is all about discovery. We feature three colours for you to try. They may include colours you may have not picked up yourself but end up absolutely loving. We even include colour pops for you to test out before getting them on your nails! 
Our core aim is to deliver a cute little fun filled box with our colours, goodies and soon our own beauty products allowing you to discover colour, get creative and to build a gorgeous colourful collection over time. 

Do I need a lamp to subscribe to the gel polish box?

Candy Coat gel polish does require a lamp to cure. We do recommend a 48W LED lamp however 36W UV lamp works perfectly fine. 9W or mini lamps are not recommended. 

How do I apply Candy Coat gel polish?

You will need our base coat and top coat to complete the application. Ensure your nails are prepped, dry and free from any oil. Once your nails have been prepped, it's base, cure, colour, cure, colour, cure, top, cure, top cure! Always use thin coats, cleanse, a dab of our candy scented cuticle glaze and you are good to go! If you have weak or brittle nails and need extra strength, apply a coat of our Super Strength prior to the base coat, which works wonders!

How long do I cure it for?

Candy Coat cures in 60secs on each step with LED and 2mins on each step with UV. 

What goodies do we get?

We always include disposable essentials like cute little cuticle tools and wipes, a goodie of the month, swatch pops and candy. The content of the boxes are generally a surprise. 

When can I subscribe?

The best time to subscribe is the 1st week of the month as subscription boxes tend to sell out super fast. If you subscribe between the 1st and 21st of the month, you will receive that month's box. If you subscribe after this date you will receive the following months box. 

What date are subscription payments?

Subscription box payments are automatically debited on 15th of each month. 

What happens if my subscription payment declines?

The system will automatically reattempt in 3 working days. To update any details please visit your subscription account as we can not update these for you manually. 

What happens if my payment comes out after the dispatch date?

In the event of a late debit payment for your subscription there may be a delay in receiving your box. 

Will you send me another box if my box goes missing?

If for any reason your box goes missing and there are no replacements, we will skip your subscription payment the following month. We do not offer any refunds on subscriptions unless you wish to cancel. 

When will I receive my subscription box?

Subscription boxes are dispatched from 21st to 25th of each month however we aim to have this out to you much earlier! This is the last date for dispatch!

What happens if I subscribe after the dispatch date?

If you subscribe from the 22nd of the month, you will receive the following months subscription box. This means if you happen to subscribe January 23rd, you will receive February's box. 

Can I choose colours?

Our boxes are carefully curated with colours that are fun, on trend and classic. We colour pick month in month out, so you don't have to! 

Will I receive any duplicates?

Subscription Boxes are always new Candy Coat colours which will eventually end up on pick n mix. 

Do you ship subscription boxes worldwide?

Sorry, our subscription boxes are available in the UK + Ireland only at this time! We'll be launching our box in the US in the very near future!

Sounds fun! How do I sign up?

Right here 

I need help with my subscription, who do I contact?

For subscription box queries, email