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Sugar Dip Candy Kit


This little sugar dip kit is a great introduction to the Candy Coat dipping powder range and contains everything you need to start creating fabulous dip nails

The kit will include:
x 6 mini sugar dip colours 
2-in-1 Base + Top Coat
Brush Cleanser
File + Tool

How to apply 

  • Prep nails, apply tight bond + apply 2-in-1 base + top on 3/4 of your nail plate 
  • Dip in powder + dust off excess 
  • Apply 2-in-1 base + top coat to the whole nail 
  • Dip in powder + dust off excess 
  • Want more coverage? Apply base again and dip 
  • Apply Activator + allow to air dry 
  • File, shape, buff nails + dust off excess
  • Wipe nail with clean, prep + wipe  
  • Re-Apply Activator + wipe nail 
  • Apply 2-in-1 Base + Top Coat + allow to air dry for 1min 
  • Reapply 2-in-1 Base + Top Coat + air dry 
  • Finish with Cuticle Glaze 

* Remember to wipe your top coat brush with the pink wipes you get in the kit after use 

How to Remove 

Candy Coat Sugar Dip is a soak off product. Simply file, wrap in cotton balls and soak in Acetone for 10minutes 

Sugar Dip Candy Kit - Candy Coat

Sugar Dip Candy Kit