Everyone feels incredible when they’re nails on fleek, are we right?! Cure your candy coated mani’s and pedi’s faster than ever in the dreamiest professional nail lamp. This high performance nail machine provides at-home-enthusiasts and nail stylists alike with a product that ensures perfectly even light distribution each and every time. What does that mean in practice? Perfectly uniform consistency when curing and a better finish. 

Now we know we’re biassed but we’ve got three compelling reasons why our CANDY COAT 54W Pro Candy Machine is a cut above the rest.  

REASON 1: It’s practically thought of everything. 

No more fiddling around with buttons, dials and rushing to get your fingers in the tray before the timer runs out. Our PRO Candy Machine has a digital touch screen display and a nifty countdown feature, so you always know what setting you’re using and how long you’ve got before it starts! If you’ve ever been frustrated that your average curing lamp just switches off halfway through your manicure then consider your prayers answered. The PRO Candy Machine also has a manual on\off feature. You’re welcome! 

Finally, this bad-boy is wireless which means no more being tethered to the plug socket *thanks be to the nail gods* AND has a detachable base for comfortable pedicures! 

REASON 2: It’s FAST. Really, fast! 

Now are you sitting down?! The PRO Candy Machine cures gel polish in 10 to 60 SECONDS. Think of all the time you’d save during your traditional manicure sessions! It’s also incredibly fast to charge (up to fully powered and ready to go in only 3 hours) and that charge lasts for over 12 hours of working time. 


What (on earth) could be better than all of the above?! PINK LED lights. We rest our case. 

PSSSSTTTTT. Did you know that all of this fabulous tech can come in a super tiny package?? That’s right. Introducing our Mini LED Candy Nail Lamp. If you’re new to the blog then you might have missed our deep dive into the reasons why we’re just so totally obsessed by this small yet mighty LED Lamp. Catch up here.

*adds to basket*

Until next time, stay sweet! 


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