brand story

The Award-Winning Go-To Nail Brand for all Things Nail Beauty

Back in 2015, no brand was directly talking to the millennial. When Candy Coat jumped on the scene we reminded everyone that the nail category was one word - FUN”

Candy Coat offer a refreshing approach to nail care. Words to describe us include sassy, fun, cool....that's us.

We are a global nail brand, distinguished by an incredible range of nail colours, distinctive branding and a unique visual buying experience. Whether it's enjoying a rainbow of choice at your finger tips on mobile, eagerly awaiting surprise colours to pop through every month or creating a wall of dreams for your nail salon, Candy Coat offers a fun way to discover and shop for nail colour

Colour and play enhances positive emotions and increases well an instant

Created and founded by entrepreneur Lynette in Summer 2015 in East London, Candy Coat made its debut on IG with just 14 gel colours and no website. Playful coloured bottle palettes soon began to emerge and quickly became popular on among nail professionals with signature ‘colour boxes’. The brand became the first in the UK to introduce a monthly gel polish subscription.

The East London brand has since gone on to develop and produce hundreds of nail colours and nail products.The brand remains center stage on social offering the most vibrant, instagrammable colours and products in the nail industry.  

The exposure of hundreds of colours sparks a strong emotional reaction and connection

The company distributes globally selling on every continent with a thriving subscription box service and an exciting professional product portfolio. 

Candy Coat colours are top choice for some of the industries hottest nail artists and regularly spotted on high profile celebrities including Music Sensation Cardi B, Reality Royalty Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Actress Courtney Cox, Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, Rihanna to name but a few. 

It's not just nail polish, it's the colours, the visual experience, the candy bar and the extras. And that's why girls love Candy Coat

In addition to serving shade, sass and bringing a whole new vibe to the nail industry, the brand supports an army of nail bosses with a professional range of products making it the number one choice for salon startups.