Chances are that if you’re reading this we don’t need to convince you that looking after your nails is a good investment (hello, fellow nail obsessives!) but we’ve had a lot of new faces join us recently (lovely to meet you all) so we thought we’d strip this post right back to basics.  

The importance of nail care goes far beyond simply improving the aesthetics of your hands and feet (although we get it, that’s totally important too). Did you know your nails act as a shield protecting the ends of your fingers and toes from the outside world? Not only that, neglecting to care for your nails can put you at risk of infection or injury! 

We’ve rounded up our top 5 reasons why investing time and energy into your nail routine should be at the top of your self-care list of priorities…

#1 | They look so darn, GREAT. 

Ok, let’s get this obvious one out the way early, who doesn't want incredible looking nails?! There’s no denying that nail care is crucial to keeping your nails looking attractive. A beautiful manicure, whether your nails are bare, you love a more natural look or are obsessed with full neon, helps to convey a professional, stylish and put-together look to the world. Great looking nails even go as far as to boost your confidence and self-esteem (more on that later). 

#2 | Caring for your nails keeps them strong. 

Strong nails are healthy nails! Not only are brittle, weak nails a pain but they can also be painful when they break (see what we did there). The great news is, nail care and regular manicures can actually be used to strengthen nails and encourage healthy growth. One of our top tips with nail care is to keep your nails trimmed and short until they’re strong enough not to break. Sure, we all want those long nail looks RIGHT now but you’ll thank us in the long run. This is definitely the time to be patient.  We have some incredible Candy Coat tools to keep your nail care routine on point and if you’re struggling with weak nails check out the Candy Coat Super Strength and Super Grow to reach your nail length goals faster! 

#3 | To keep infection and avoid injury! 

Sounds dramatic but unfortunately, dirt, germs and bacteria live under your nails no matter how diligent you are with washing your hands. These bacteria can lead to infections if your nails aren’t kept in tip-top condition. Brushing underneath your nails and keeping them trimmed on a regular basis helps to prevent a buildup of bacteria. If you need any more persuasion that nail care is so important, it also prevents the pain of ingrown nails. Don’t think that these are solely in the realm of the pedi, whilst they are certainly more common in toenails, fingernails can become ingrown too! Ouch! Making sure to file, clean and cut straight across each nail can help. 

#4 | To check everythings a-ok. 

Did you know that your nails are mainly made up of keratin? It’s a type of protein that makes up your hair, skin and nails but can also be found in your internal organs throughout your body. What does this mean in practice? It means that your nails provide a pretty good measure as to if there’s anything wrong with your body. You’ve guessed it, if you’re currently suffering with discoloured or brittle nails then it may be a warning sign that your body isn’t quite running optimally. Getting to know what’s normal for you and your nails is a great way to keep tabs on your overall health. 

#5 | To improve your self-esteem and confidence! 

Nail care is all about FUN, are we right?! At Candy Coat we believe that beautiful colours enhance positive emotions and increases your well being, instantly. Surrounding yourself with a full rainbow (or every neutral shade if you’re a nudes girl) is one of the fastest ways to uplift and recentre. We believe nail care represents your chance to show your personality to the world,  building up that confidence, and manifesting those good vibes. Whether your weapon of choice is acrylic, extensions or gel polish, taking the time to take good care of your nails goes far beyond aesthetics. If you ask us, it's one of the purest forms of self care!

Until next time, stay sweet! 


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