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Candy Coat offers a delightful collection of premium HEMA Free gel products for professional use. For wholesale accounts for 20% off join candy coat pro

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pro palette • made for pro's

HEMA Free 🎨

Super pigmented colour 🌈

Ultra shiny glossy finish 💅

3+ weeks wear ✨

60sec LED/UV cure 💡

Easy removal 🧽

Vegan + Cruelty Free 🪴🐰

pro must-haves

create a wall of dreams

The Best HEMA Free Gel Colour Palettes Ever, Build your wall of dreams with 14 kits, 12 shades each.....MAGIC ✨

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build a nail • made for pro's

HEMA Free 🎨

Self levels🌈

Enhances natural nails 💅

3+ weeks wear ✨

60sec LED/UV cure 💡

Soak off removal 🧽

build a nail

Build-a-nail® is a high gloss, soak off HEMA Free builder gel product that strengthens, lengthens and plumps up nails, delivering a divine finish 💅 Suitable for both natural nails and extensions

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