So, you’ve prepared your nails perfectly, you’ve used the thinnest of layers to ensure a beautiful even colour and now comes the (shiny) icing on the cake - top coat! 

Is there really anything better than finishing a killer gel manicure and looking at your shiny, sassy, new nails?! Find us something better, we’ll wait! There’s just something about that mirror shine that gets addictive. The reason they look so great? It’s the top coat! 

Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about how to choose the right top coat. Why you need it and why it could be your next application secret weapon…

Does gel polish need a top coat?

Hell, yes! It’s the secret to a manicure that lasts. Applying a top coat as your final step provides the seal for your gel manicure, keeping chips, cracks and lifting at bay! Simply apply one of our Candy Coat top coats (we have MANY, but more on that later) at the end of your gel manicure to all nails, making sure to drag the product side to side across the free edge and avoiding your cuticles to lock in that colour. Always remember to cure under LED for one last time using your Candy Coat PRO Candy Machine and then you’re done! 

Are there different types of top coat? 

Yes! Our classic high-shine top coat is cured in just 30 seconds (60 seconds with any other LED/UV  lamp) and the no-wipe formula is great if you're trying to squeeze a last minute mani. Simply apply, cure and you’re done with no need for the additional step of wiping with a cleanser! If you’re not that keen on a high-shine finish or just fancy a change we have a whole host of different Candy Coat top coat finishes for you to get your claws into. Whether you’re a velvet, matte, foil or super sparkly finish type of queen, we’ve always got your back whatever your vibe. 

Can I use a Candy Coat base coat as a top coat?

The short answer? No. 

The longer answer: when it comes to gel polish your top and base coats have completely different formulas because of the different roles they play in achieving the perfect gel manicure. The base coat provides a sticky base for your colour to cling to whereas the top coat acts like a suit of armour: hard, protective and long-lasting!  We completely appreciate that everyones strapped for cash at the moment but save yourself from wasting time, money and polish(!) and make sure you have both the Candy Coat base coat and top coat next time you sit down for a nail session.  

Can I use other brand base and top coats with a Candy Coat polish? 

Again sadly the answer is a big, no. Candy Coat products are formulated to work exclusively together because that’s how they work best. It’s an absolute must that they be used together as pairing our formula with other products is unlikely to give you the perfect, killer nail effects you’d be right to expect from us. To recap, always prepare your foundation with the Candy Coat base coat, apply thin coats of your chosen colour and lock it all in with a Candy Coat top coat. 

There you have it! Everything you need to know about the importance of selecting the right top coat.

Until next time, stay sweet! 


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