If there’s one thing for sure, we know you mani-obsessives are CRAZY about your acrylics and we get it! You want to create any shape and length your heart desires (why the hell not?!) and you think that they’re the best method to achieve them. Well you might be right, there’s nothing wrong with a fab set of acrylics but we know they’re not always for everyone. That’s why we’ve been busy creating the perfect alternative…

With this in mind, we wanted to dedicate this week’s post to shining a short-but-oh-so-sweet spotlight on our perfect long nail secret weapon. Let us introduce you to the CANDY COAT Builder Gel! 

Why do we love her?

She’s one of our favourite ranges specifically created for nail customisation perfection that can fit seamlessly into your existing manicure collection. She has a beautiful finish whether you’re using your natural nails or enhancements to achieve your look. 

What does she help with? 

She has the ability to fulfil your desire to create perfect natural overlays and/or become borderline obsessive with precisely sculpting your shape without having to use acrylics. We know right. Mind.blown.

How do you use her?

It couldn’t be easier. Prep your nails like a pro (read all about that here), grab your CANDY COAT Gel Brush and apply a small amount of your Gel Builder of choice to the nail building up your desired shape as you go. When you’re happy with the end result, cure under UV for 2 minutes and you’re done! The best part? The high gloss, soak off formula means removal couldn't be simpler leaving you commitment free to switch up your look whenever and wherever. 

We love sharing all the details of our favourite Candy Coat products in these short and snappy posts. What product do you want a deep dive into next?! We’d love to hear from you. Remember you ask, we listen.

Until then, stay sweet! 


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