Beach days, heatwaves and festival-feels are FINALLY here and nothing finishes off a killer outfit than the perfect mani are we right? When the sun is out there’s nothing better than wrapping your fresh set around a spicy margarita (or two) and seeing as we’ve been having a load of great weather here in the UK you bet we’ve rounded up our favourite nail looks to keep you bang on trend this summer. Spoiler alert: brights are *the* look of the season. 

Keep scrolling for the most double-tap worthy nail-spirations from rainbows and neons to sublime shapes and game-changing gradients. No matter if you’re a salon regular or a D.I.Y queen your next summer brights nail look is right here.  

TREND 1: The Rainbow Mani.

The original and for good reason, it’s still serving some serious looks in 2022. If you want to embrace the trend but want to dial back on the colour array then try choosing two colours per hand or go wild and pick one for each nail! 

TREND 3: The Rainbow French.

Enter the Rainbow Mani’s little (but still super cute) sister. Perfect for those of you wanting a slightly quieter nod to summer brights with the sophistication dialled up. You could go full rainbow or terrifically tonal. As long as they’re bright, anything goes! 

TREND 3: Mis-matched perfection.

With all the fun of the brights trend but with none of the art brush technicality, this look is sure to get you all the right nods. Simply try one of your favourite vivid colours on one hand and use a different colour on the other for a heaven-sent combination. We love combining our Candy Coat Gel Polish in No. 041 with No. 121. If you’re a dab hand with a thin brush then the hearts `(other shapes are availble) are a cute top off to the look but by no means essential. 

TREND 4: Confetti for days. 

If you’ve always wanted your nails to scream ‘celebration’ then this is the one for you. Think: beautifully chaotic splashes of all over bright colour. How could this one NOT put you in the best mood?! The Candy Coat Gel Polish in No. P48 was made for the job. Either wear alone or opt for a neutral base shade to really make the colours pop. 

TREND 5: Neon fade. 

The self crowned queen of nails herself is who we have to thank for this next trend taking socials by storm. Ever since Kylie Jenner featured this acid green faded mani on her instagram nail salons have been inundated with requests to capture her look. If you ask us, the Candy Coat Gel Polish in No. 173 looks like it could be a perfect match.

TREND 6: Abstract brights.

This is perfect for those who want maximum impact for minimal application time. Channelling all the 80s art deco vibes this mani is a cool take on the brights trend.  Gather together your favourite Candy Coat neon polishes and simply add in random lines and shapes. The more random the better! 

TREND 7: Red alert. 

Addison Rae’s vaycay nails had our Candy Coat Gel Polish in No. 051  practically FLYING off the shelves. One of the simplest trends to adopt when it comes to application, just make sure not to forget your megawatt shine top coat for maximum impact. 

TREND 8: Glitter goddess.

Want to know the easiest high-impact, low-effort mani for this summer? Full. On. Glitter! That’s right, throw it way back and get super sparkly with all-over glitter in the brightest shade you can find. Check out Candy Coat’s Sugar range - perfect for pride.

TREND 9: Flower power.

We just love how fun these nails are! They’re a cute nod to a little more of a softer, feminine vibe but still bang on trend. A great one to show your technician at your next nail appointment! 

TREND 10: The Glazed Doughnut.

Last but by no means least, it wouldn't be a 2022 nail trend if it didn't feature Hailey Bieber, are we right?! Whilst you might be thinking, where are the brights (??), hear us out. The simplicity of this mani is matched by how darn bright it SHINES in the sunlight. All that chrome dusting is giving us a headache, of the good kind. 

Until next time, stay sweet! 


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