If you’ve caught up on our previous post all about the importance of having a tip-top nail care routine (read all about that here [INSERT LINK]) you’ll know that looking after your nails goes far beyond just aesthetics. It’s one of the purest forms of self care and the simple act of painting your nails physically aids relaxation for both mind and body. 

Self care has long been at the forefront of the beauty industry with almost a laser focus on skincare, haircare and body care with nail care seemingly being left as an afterthought - until now…

Since the global pandemic crashed into our lives our hands have come into the spotlight more than ever before. With all the increased washing and drying effects of anti bac exposure more people than ever before have been forced to take notice of the condition of their hands. The result? Seeking out hard-working, nourishing, and beautifying products to perfect their nail care routine. 

Introducing: hand health and wellness.

Say hello to hand health and wellness, the newest self-care ritual that's stolen the crown away from the traditional skincare routine!

Selfishly we here at Candy Coat are jumping for joy that so many people are now seeing what we’ve known since our launch - nail care is one of the keys to looking and feeling your best! If you’ve suddenly taken an interest in applying a 360 approach to your health and wellbeing then welcome, you're totally in the right place! Whether you’re into neon brights or soft nudes, acrylics or gels there’s something for you here at Candy Coat. 

So, what’s next? 

Perhaps you could take your manicure experience to the next level to dial up the wellness. Putting together an endorphin inducing playlist and having it on in the background or treating yourself to a hand massage as part of your manicure can have a dramatic effect on your internal self-esteem. 

Give it a try, we’d love to hear what you think! Stay tuned to the blog to keep up to date with all the latest trends so you can always stay ahead of the curve. 

Until next time, stay sweet.


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