We get it. You’re looking to indulge in the best nail care products whether you’re at home or in the salon. You want colourful, flawless nails every time but what you’re getting is chipping, peeling and a mani that lasts the best part of a week! 

What gives?! 

If this is you, then worry no more because we’ve got all the tips and tricks up our sleeves to make sure that a chipped manicure is a thing of the past. What might be in order is a little bit of detective work…

REASON 1) You have weak or brittle nails. 

Whether you’re a nail newbie or a fanatic that always has a gel mani on the go, you may have weak or brittle nails that simply don’t take on gel polish for long. Unfortunately, with the best application in the world (more on the importance of that, later) nails that bend and break under daily wear and tear will lead to cracking and chipping. In order for your gel manicure to last as long as you do you need a strong foundation. Enter: the CANDY COAT Tight Bond and Super Strength. Apply your treatment of choice prior to any gel polish application to maximise your manicure’s lifespan. If you’re looking to repair your nails FAST, reach for this killer combination. Simply prep your nails and ensure they’re 100% dry then apply Tight Bond (allowing to air dry for 10 seconds) and then apply two thin coats of Rapid Repair making sure to cure it in between each coat for 60 seconds under the LED lamp. 

REASON 2) You're not using a Candy Coat topcoat and basecoat. 

*This* reason is so important that we dedicated an entire blog post on the topic (if you missed it, catch up here [LINK TO BLOG POST])! Do I really need to use both a CANDY COAT topcoat and basecoat, we hear you cry? Simply put. YES. Candy Coat products have been formulated to work exclusively together so it’s an absolute must that you use them as a pairing. Trying to get our formula to work optimally with other products may not give you the desired results you crave (and deserve)! Always lay the perfect foundation with our base coat, apply two thin coats of colour, and finish with either our regular or super shiny no wipe top coat for best results. 

REASON 3) Your application needs refining. 

We don’t mean to point the finger, but sometimes a poor finish is down to a less than ideal application. We get it, everyone has to start somewhere. As long as you apply correctly with thin coats, using our base coat, top coat and using the correct LED lamp to cure, whilst ensuring that all fingers are positioned correctly in the lamp, you should have absolutely no problems! If you want more application tips head over to the ‘FAQ’ and ‘How to’ sections on our website for all the info. 

REASON 4) Your not using *this* daily. 

So you prepared your nails perfectly before starting on your mani journey. Your application was on point and you even capped the edges of your nails when applying your top coat (*gold star for you*) but you’re STILL suffering from chipping and lifting?! The answer may lie in your mani-after care. Taking the time to pop a few drops of CANDY COAT Cuticle Glaze on your nails each day can really extend the life of your manicure and prevent it from chipping. Hold the dropper a few centimetres from your finished nail and gently squeeze a few drops onto each cuticle. Take a moment to lightly massage the oil into the cuticle and the sides of your nails to make sure the whole area stays hydrated, nourished and supple. 

How often does your mani chip? Were these tips helpful? Let us know in the comments. 

Until next time, stay sweet! 


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