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Part of the Candy Coat excitement is picking colours! Scroll through a rainbow of choice in our various product lines or pick from our various collections. 

We certainly do! We have our Gumball Reward program which is free. Simply click on the pink tab on the bottom to get started. It's so fun!

We also have a Refer a Friend program which rewards you for every friend you share Candy Coat with.

You can earn points for all sorts of activities, including following us on social media, writing reviews, referring friends and making purchases. You must be logged in to earn points on purchases.

Not at all! Earn as much as you like. 

Points are redeemed on purchases minus shipping, tax and any discounts applied. Points cannot be transferred and are non-refundable. Duplicate actions are recorded and will not be added onto your account.

Absolutely! We love rewarding our customers who share the Candy Coat love.

Our brand rep program allows you to refer friends who then get 10% off. The exciting thing is you get 5% back from their purchase. How cool is that.

There are however some rules. You cannot redeem rewards on Subscription Boxes and they must spend a minimum of £20 in order to get the reward. Please ensure you have a paypal account in order to stack your coins!

Payments are made on a monthly basis around the 13th of each month.

Candy Coat advises that gel polish products are to be used on adults over 18. If you are a visitor under this age please sought parental permission before browsing.

Our discount codes are to be used on individual items only. They cannot be redeemed on candy kits, colour boxes or subscription boxes as these are already heavily discounted. 

100%. Candy Coat products are not tested on animals. 

We do not advise gel polish during the 9 month term just because of the use of UV/LED lamps however although there have been no adverse effects reported globally, its something we as a company prefer to advise our salon/pro customers. It's always useful to also have consent forms signed from pregnant clients.

Candy Coat is the only known brand to offer free pic n mix sweets to it's customers. Simply spend £25 and choose your own bag of sweets at our online candy bar right here!

Our sweets are sourced from our UK supplier. Sweets are are mixture Vegetatian, Vegan, Gelatine Free, Halal and some even Dairty Free with No Artificial Colouring

Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the product information provided, products and their ingredients may change. You are advised to always read the product label for ingredients, nutrition, dietary claims and allergens.

Warning: E102, E104, and E129 may have an adverse effect on the activity and attention in children.

Candy Coat is unable to accept liability for any incorrect information. All information is directly outline by our supplier


Candy Coat products have been formulated to work exclusively together.

It is an absolute must that you use our products together. Pairing our formula with other products may not give you the desired results you expect. Always lay the foundation with our base coat, apply thin coats of colour and finish with either our regular or super shiny no wipe top coat.

We do not advise this as it may not last we well.

Candy Coat PRO is a range of our glossy UV/LED studio lamps. We have our 48W LED pink lamp which cures in 60sec and our Iridescent Candy UV/LED 54W light which cures in 15-60sec.

Our Candy Nail Kits are a great option if you are new to the brand. The all you need starter kits include items you need to create gel nails, extensions and nail art. They include full size colours and essentials.

Candy Coat's Hard Candy is a range of affordable high quality acrylic powder and liquid. 

Build-a-Nail® is Candy Coat's range of builder gels that build gorgeous extensions and look great as an overlay on natural nails. It is an alternative to acrylic. 

PAINT is Candy Coat's cute little paint pot range for nail art and design.

Popping Candy is Candy Coat's gel remover that removes gel in 1 - 3mins. The ingredients are Bio-Cellulose, Organic Weak Alkali, Acrylate Monomer, Oxidized Regenerated, Cellulose No Formaldehyde + No Methylene Chloride

Candy Stix® are HEMA Free gel polish in pens making it the first 3 in 1 gel product in the market in form of a colouring pen.

Gloss Palette is our range of super glossy traditional regular polish in 60 shades.

PRO Palette is our range of HEMA Free professional gel colour. The premium formula is made for pros to use as part of the gel polish service.

Candy Coat's Classic Range started as a collection of 14 shades. Fast forward to 2020, we now have hundreds of salon quality colours packaged beautifully in our ombre bottles.

Gel Paints are mini baby gel colours. They are an affordable option and available at retailers

Keep products and polish away from children. Keep away from any heat and avoid light. Store colour and nail products in a cool place. 

Salons + Professionals

Absolutely! Candy Coat offer a collection of products for professional use.

Pro Palette Gel Colour is a HEMA Free collection of premium professional gel. There are currently 170 colours. Our formula is scratch resistant with a full coverage coating and an extremely glossy finish.

he formula delivers a durable long lasting 3+ week wear that remains true to colour.

The amplified gloss of the formula allows a smooth flawless finish and an option clients will love. 

It is imperative to use the complete Candy Coat PRO system. This includes our prep prep liquids, foundation, colours and super gloss top coat.

We'll be offering training kits very soon with a super fun manual to help you understand everything nails.

Of course you can! We support independent professionals and students on all levels! Contact our salons team  

Well done for taking the first step! Please ensure you are qualified and insured before offering services to the public. For more help and advise contact our salons team  

Yes absolutely! We offer a free pro membership program that enables 15% off pro palette products all year round. Visit the Candy Coat PRO section via the menu for more information

Yes absolutely! If you are a salon or pro and wish to discuss options, do get in touch with our Client Support Manager in the salons department by emailing


Candy Coat is open 24/7 but we're on live chat on Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm

Of course you can! Visit live chat and one of the girls will help you Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm