If you saw our previous blog all about the top ten ‘gram worth nail trends to try this summer (if you missed it catch up) then you’ll know all about how Hailey Bieber broke the internet with her glazed doughnut nails. Ever since it’s been *the* nail trend of the year with everyone trying to discover the secret to achieving her mirror shine, nude feels nail look for themselves. 

Well. Hold off on your endless google searching and consider your prayers answered nail fanatics because this is how to achieve the glazed doughnut trend using your favourite Candy Coat products. You’re (very) welcome!  

What are glazed doughnut nails?!

First things first, if you’ve been living under a rock and have yet to discover this trend then we’ve got your back. The  hashtag #glazeddonutnails currently has more than 79 million views on TikTok and is characterised by achieving a perfectly pale nude with a pearlescent, chromatic top coat. Still confused? Picture the colour and finish of the perfect Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut and you’ll be bang on the money. They go with everything and effortlessly transition you between seasons. 

Step 1: Prep. 

As with all our killer nail looks, the perfect vibe starts with the right preparation. First, give yourself a dry manicure. What’s a dry manicure? Just remove any existing polish you already have on, file, shape, push back, and remove your cuticles, THEN you’re ready to play. Next it’s time to prime your nails to remove every last speck of moisture (the secret to a long lasting look) and apply your gel base coat. Add a thin layer of primer to each nail and allow it to dry for around 40-60 seconds before applying your gel base coat. That’s it! 

Step 2. Gel polish. 

Reach for the CANDY COAT PRO Palette Gel Colour in Angel (No. 1185) for the perfectly delicious nude. Apply two thin coats to the nail making sure to cure for 60 seconds between each one using the LED lamp. 

Step 3. Candy Creme. 

Now for the fun part. Dip any nail art or gel nail brush in the CANDY COAT Candy Creme in Angel (No.1185) to turbo-charge that nude or create your own bespoke design. The world is quite literally your oyster. Let your creativity run wild! When you’ve settled on your look, cure each nail for 60 seconds using the LED nail lamp. 

Step 4. Top Coat. 

Lock in your colour and turn up the volume on that mega-watt shine by finishing the look with a coat of CANDY COAT Super Shiny No Wipe Top Coat. PRO tip: always make sure to cap the edges of the nail to ensure the top coat is sealed completely, prolonging the life of your mani.  When you’re done, cure for a final 60 seconds and voila you’re done! 

If you recreate this iconic look, why not show us your talons on social media?! Tag and follow us on Instagram (@candy.coat)!

Until next time, stay sweet! 

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