Weak nails are a total buzzkill, are we right?! They break all the time and when you do manage to get them long enough to manicure it then barely lasts a week! If this is you, then never fear. Restoring them back to their former glory is within reach. From manicure tips to diet tweaks and a killer product recommendation or two, these expert-approved remedies will help to strengthen weak, brittle nails FAST.

REMEDY 1: Moisturise regularly. 

Frequently moisturising your nail and the surrounding skin with a hand cream or our CANDY COAT Cuticle Glaze can prevent the nails themselves drying out (and becoming brittle) and help to keep the surrounding skin nourished and supple. Making this a daily practice will keep your nails in tip top condition AND protect them from future damage by locking in much needed moisture. PRO tip: keep a tube of hand cream by your favourite hand wash and apply it every time you wash your hands throughout the day. 

REMEDY 2: Keep them short. 

Now, before you go crying into your pillow over your broken long nail dreams, hear us out. This is only a temporary measure. Cutting down your weaker nails while you build up their strength will prevent more damage from occurring. Shorter nails are less prone to breaking because there are fewer exposed edges to get caught and torn.

REMEDY 3: File like a pro. 

If you're guilty of sawing back and forth across your nails in both directions then now's the time to stop! This method will cause brittle nails to split and splinter. Not what we want. Switch to filing your nails in one direction, using long and swift (but gentle) strokes to help build up a stronger nail each time. 

REMEDY 4: Keep your nutrition up to scratch. 

This sounds alarmingly simple but eating more foods that promote strong nails is  a great way to strengthen your nails from the inside out. Reach for protein and calcium rich foods which are proven to promote overall nail health. Loading up on biotin-rich foods, such as veggies, eggs, and nuts, may also help. Speaking of biotin, you may want to consider investing in a daily supplement if you’re after super quick results. Finally, staying hydrated is crucial. It’s essential for all areas of your body but particularly your nail health. Without adequate moisture, nails can become brittle and break or peel easily. Staying hydrated will help your nails retain moisture and stay strong. 

REMEDY 5: Get your hands on the CANDY COAT Super Strength

Introducing our best selling nail treatment, specifically developed to make the weakest of nails strong enough to take on gel polish for longer, giving you harder, stronger natural nails. Make peeling and chipping a thing of the past by applying Super Strength either as part of your gel manicure routine or as a standalone treatment. To apply when using gel polish, apply one thin layer of base coat, cure for 60 seconds, apply one thin coat of super strength, cure for 60 seconds and then continue with your colour and top coat as normal. When using as a standalone treatment,  prepare your nails and apply your base coat, and then apply two thin layers of Super Strength (making sure to cure for 60 seconds in between all layers). After your final cure, finish with applying Cuticle Glaze to lock in moisture.

Until next time, stay sweet!


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