Maybe it’s Hailey Bieber’s constant stream of manicure inspo, or the wealth of nail art trends we’re itching to try, but we’re totally desperate to try to grow our nails longer and stronger right now.

While short and sharp always looks chic, there’s so much more room for experimentation when your nails are long and healthy, are we right?!  Dive into the ‘glazed doughnut’ trend, try a rainbow-coloured French mani, or simply keep it chic with a slick of clear polish – you’d better believe, long nails are back with a bang. 

However, achieving your ultimate long nail goals is a commitment that requires persistence and a little know-how, especially if you’ve got no intention of letting your manicure schedule slip. We’ve tried all the hacks to reveal exactly how to make your nails grow longer and stronger FOR GOOD. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know to achieve your mission. 

1 « Oil it up. 

Now if you’ve heard us say it once, we’ve said it a THOUSAND times but moisturising regularly is key to achieving healthy growing nails. Frequently moisturising your nail and the surrounding skin with a hand cream or our CANDY COAT Cuticle Glaze can prevent the nails themselves drying out (and becoming brittle) and help to keep the surrounding skin nourished and supple. Making this a daily practice will keep your nails in tip top condition AND protect them from any future damage by locking in much needed moisture helping them to grow long and strong from the get go. PRO tip: you can even add a few drops to your favourite hand cream, keep it by your sink and apply it every time you wash your hands throughout the day. 

2 « Consider supplements.

Studies show that brittle nails prone to peeling and breakage could be a sign of biotin deficiency, so if this sounds like you then it *might* be a good idea to supplement your diet with an extra dose of this essential B vitamin. These same studies showed a significant increase in nail thickness and hardness after taking a 2.5mg biotin supplement daily. We say *might* because as with all supplementation, it does what it says on the tin - it supplements your existing nutrition, not replaces. Please act responsibly. Rant over. 

3 « Examine your nail polish formulation. 

Did you know that some nail products (particularly those cheaper ones) contain high levels of irritation inducing HEMA? We know what you’re thinking: “Surely there can’t be harmful substances deliberately included in gel polish formulations, right?! It’s 2022!” Well sadly, it’s true. The short story? Make sure you’re only using CANDY COAT gel polishes when you sit down for some ‘me-time’ because other polishes can include these ingredients that damage your nails over time. Damaged nails are weak nails that don’t tend to grow well. The longer story? Head over to this post here, to find out more. 

Until next time, stay sweet.


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