Do you NEED to use a primer for your gel manicure? The answer is a big fat, yes!

You know what they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail and nothing could be more accurate than that when it comes to achieve *that* nail look. Taking the time to prepare your nails before application is the key to achieving cult gel-mani success. Skip it and your nails can end up chipping, lifting and peeling after only a few days. A complete waste of time, effort and polish, are we right?! Keep scrolling for all the secrets behind the importance of using a primer. It may just help your manicure last even longer.  You’re welcome! 

What is a primer?

Let’s take things riiiight back to basics for a hot minute. Physically the job of a primer is to act as a first coat to help a product stick to another surface. Primer should be used at the very start of your gel manicure journey in order to prime the nail ready for the base coat, followed by the colour base. Primers remove any remaining oil and grease on the nail bed which if present could lead to your gel base coat not adhering to the nail correctly - disaster! 

Are there different types?

Yes, absolutely! Generally there are two types of primer on the market: acid based and acid-free primers. An acid-free primer is the most commonly used due to its gentle formula but great effectiveness (say hello to the Candy Coat Tight Bond Primer + Bonder) ; however, there is a place for acid primers. Acid primers are fantastic for use on nails that have a hard time getting gel polishes to stick. Just make sure to take extra care if you’re applying this type of formula not to let it come into contact with the skin around your nail. 

How do you apply it?

The good news is it’s really easy to add in using a primer into your existing gel polish routine. It should be the first product that touches your nail before applying your gel base coat after you’ve prepared your nails with a dry manicure. 

What’s a dry manicure? If you’re a beginner never fear, a dry manicure is simply not having to soak your hands in water before starting your selfcare moment. Just remove any existing polish you already have on, file, shape, push back and remove your cuticles THEN you’re ready to play. 

So to recap, step 1: dry manicure, step 2: prime, step 3: gel base coat - are you keeping up? Applying the primer itself couldn't be easier, add a thin layer to each nail and allow it to dry for around 40-60 seconds before applying your gel base coat. That’s it! 

So we guess the secret to a super long lasting mani is out! Let us know your favourite manicure tips and tricks in the comments and make sure to check out the blog for more ‘how-tos’.

Until next time, stay sweet! 


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