how it works

What is a Colour Box ?

The colour box is a concept created by Candy Coat featuring a selection of gel polish colours at any given month. This online event is available to professionals only. 

Is this a monthly rolling subscription?

The colour box is not a subscription. 

Do I have to pay the membership fee?

No, you do not have to pay a fee at this time. 

How does the colour box concept work?

A set of exciting colours are curated for the colour box event or box. These then go online and access is available to pros only. 

When will these be dispatched

Your box will be dispatched in 3 - 4 working days for the event and 3 weeks for the colour box.

How many colours can I pick for the event?

A minimum of 10 colours per box.

Do they include a top and base?

No, this is optional for the event but they will be in the colour box. 

Can I apply another discount?

No. Other discounts must not be applied as these are already discounted. Your order will be on hold. 

What's in the box?

The colour box features a minimum of 10 colours, swatch sticks and of course candy! 

Can I still pick n mix other colours?

Yes you are welcome to purchase other items however they will not be in the same box as your colour box. 

When is the next event?

The next event or colour box pre-order will be announced on the salons and pro facebook page. 

Why do I need to prove I'm a professional?

The colour box is a trade only exclusive. In order to qualify for discounts you must be operating within the beauty sector.

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Can you tell me about your pro program? 💅

Candy Coat PRO is a FREE discount scheme for professional nail technicians, salons and nail artists operating in the nail and beauty industry. We offer premium quality products at the best prices supporting you and your business.

Is Candy Coat a professional only brand? 🌈

Candy Coat is a global nail brand offering a portfolio of products to consumers and to the trade. Professional products are sold to nail techs and salon customers

Our products meet cosmetic directives and are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards with SDS sheets available at request

How do I become a member ? 👩

To become a member simply apply using the form above orhereand submit. You will then be verified and given access to purchase products

What are the benefits? 👛

Not only do you become part of the Candy Coat PRO Club, you will access to purchase products with 20% off for salon use all year. You will also have access to secret sales and deal days. We believe this incentive supports your business by ensuring maximum profit at all times.

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We love working with candy coaters around the world. To apply to join our ambassador program fill in this form right here

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