If you’re new around here you might not already know that here at Candy Coat we believe the key to a perfect manicure that stands out from the crowd is pretty simple... 

Spoiler alert: it’s all about creativity and selecting the best tools for the job! 

Sure, you can get a pretty killer mani by selecting *the* perfect nail shade but what if you want to create something really unique? Our answer? Nail art! From the simplest, dainty little heart to full on intricate graphics, nail art and design can really take your mani to the next level. If you fancy trying something new and want to dial things up on your next self-care session, you’re in luck…

With this in mind, we wanted to dedicate this week’s post to shining a short-but-oh-so-sweet spotlight on our perfect nail art secret weapon. Let us introduce you to the Candy Coat Gel Paint.

Why do we love her?

She’s a super cute, super diddy little pot of genius that allows you to let your creativity run wild! Available in (almost) limitless shades, whatever design you have in mind you can bring it to life. 

What does she help with? 

If you’ve ever battled with trying to apply gel polish to a brush to add a killer design to your mani then she’s about to be your next best friend. Gel Paint comes in a traditional pot-and-lid arrangement which allows you to dip your nail art brush directly into the product. What does this mean in practice? Bold, opaque colour without the stress! 

How do you apply her?

It couldn’t be more simple. Choose from the array of different shades that perfectly compliments your Candy Coat Gel Polish base. Unscrew the lid, apply the product to your nail art weapon of choice. Cure. That’s it! 

Let us know in the comments if you like these short, sharp posts sharing our favourite Candy Coat products along with our industry approved application tips and tricks. We want to hear from you! 

Until next time, stay sweet!


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