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Can you tell me about Candy Coat?

Candy Coat is an e-commerce beauty brand. Our highly pigmented salon quality gel polishes are available in a variety of finishes including cremes, shimmers, neons, rich glitters, translucent, metallics, glows, colour changers, confetti, holos, marble, polka and pearls.

We offer a monthly option for salons and pro's, a monthly rolling subscription box, candy kits and an online pick 'n' mix colour shop. 

What makes Candy Coat unique?

Candy Coat develops deliciously unique colours, concepts and products. Creating an element of surprise and excitement from the product to delivery is what we do! You'll even get some free candy now and again!

Totally focused on the unboxing factor and proudly known for our signature cute packaging, we believe every delivery should be a delight to unwrap. Our delicious looking products arrive in candy bags, cushioned in cotton candy holo shreds waiting to be unwrapped in one of our cool branded candy boxes!

How long do Candy Coat gel polishes last?

Candy Coat lasts an average of 3 weeks, with a record breaking 10 weeks! Lots of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 week wear reposts from girls, pros and salons are visible on our Instagram + Facebook! Long lasting gels come down to application. 

Is Candy Coat 100% gel polish?

Yes Candy Coat gels are 100% gel polish, not hybrids! 

Do I need to use a base and top coat?

Candy Coat products have been formulated to work exclusively together.

It is an absolute must that you use our products together. Pairing our formula with other products may not give you the desired results you expect. Always lay the foundation with our base coat, apply thin coats of colour and finish with either our regular or super shiny no wipe top coat. 

Can I mix colours together?

Yes of course! Candy Coat have lots of fun colours and you can have so much fun mixing them together to create your own.  

Can you tell me about the subscription box?

The subscription box features carefully curated Candy Coat gel colours and a mix of goodies. Our aim is to deliver a fun exciting box filled with our gels allowing you to get creative and build a gorgeous colour collection over time. You can cancel when you like!

When will I receive my subscription box?

Subscription boxes are available to order from the 1st of the month with a dispatch date from the 21st to the 25th of the month. Once dispatched you will normally receive your box within 2 working days. This is the last date of dispatch however we aim to have these out to you earlier!

Can you tell me about pick 'n' mix?

Our pick 'n' mix concept is an online colour shop, home to individual bottles. Every month new colours are added on for you to purchase.

How often are colours added on to pick n mix?

New colours are added onto the pick n mix shop every month!  We have hundreds of colours to share and feel it's more fun when there's something new to look forward to! Sign up to our newsletter so you don't miss out. 

How often do you restock?

We aim to restock every 3 weeks however dates vary depending on availability. 

How do I redeem my discount code?

To redeem 10% off your order, you must review your whole order and upload at least one image. Each review will generate a unique code that can only be used once.

Do you have offer gift cards?

Yes we do! Right here 

Are Candy Coat products sold at any other retailers?

No, Candy Coat products are sold exclusively on We strongly advise that you do not purchase used products from other sellers due to hygiene and health and safety. 

Do you offer any discounts or a loyalty program?

We certainly do! We regularly hold IG flash sales and also have our Gumball Reward program which is free. Simply click on the pink tab on the bottom to get started. It's so fun!

What is Candy Cure?

Candy Cure is our glossy blush pink UV/LED Studio Lamp. It cures in 15-60sec, plays cool sounds, has a detachable magnetic base and oh it's 60W which means it cures anything! 

Can I use Candy Cure with other brands?

Candy Cure has been developed to be used with Candy Coat products. Some formulas may be too thin for such a high powered lamp so it's best to the use the products as instructed. 

What is the Colour Box?

The Colour Box coined by Candy Coat is a curated box of colours for salons and pro's. More information can be found here

What is a Candy Kit?

Our Candy Kits are an all you need starter kit which includes items you need to create gel nails. They include full size colours and essentials. 

What is Hard Candy?

Candy Coat's Hard Candy is a range of affordable high quality builder gel products. You can overlay on your natural nails, use tips or sculpt up to 3cm long!

What is Sugar?

SUGAR is Candy Coat's range of loose glitters and dusts! 

I'm a salon and interested in stocking your brand, what do I do?

We love working with salons contact

I don't own a salon but I love nails and currently on a course, can I still order from you?

Of course you can! We support independent professionals and students on all levels! Contact our salons team  

What time is live chat available?

Candy Coat is open 24/7 but we're on live chat on Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm!

I need help with my order, who do I contact?

For order queries email 

I need to change my address, who do I contact?

Changing your address is super easy to amend on your account however if you need assistance email 

Where is the chat bubble, it's disappeared!

Although we're online 24/7, our live chat bubble will only appear when we're online during open hours. Email customer support for assistance after hours. 

Are your products cruelty free? 

Candy Coat products are not tested on animals. 

Do you currently have any job openings?

Not at present!