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Candy Coat - Nail Magic Duo

Candy Coat - Nail Magic Duo

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Do you suffer from super short nails that take forever to grow or weak brittle nails that find it difficult to maintain its length? Look no further. Candy Coat's Nail Magic Duo is the perfect nail treatment for natural nails, giving you the strength you need to grow them long and strong


Super Strength

The best nail strengthener you will ever need to grow your natural nails. Candy Coat's pink potion gives your nails beds the best shield enabling optimum growth


Super Glow

This nail brightener is the best compliment to the nail treatment giving your nails the glow and protection it needs whilst super strength works its magic


The key to the nail treatment is giving your nail beds a good clean and a good push using Candy Coat's non-stainless steel hot pink pusher. Once the nails are prepped, follow the instructions below


Apply delicate strokes of super strength to natural nails and air dry. Apply a second coat and air dry of up to 7 minutes. No lamp needed.


Finish with super glow and apply delicately all over the nail and and allow to dry for up to 10minutes. Always finish with Candy Coat cuticle glaze. Apply daily


Treatment must be applied 3-4 times a week for noticeable results

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