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Candy Coat

Candy Coat - Nail Duster - Coming Soon

Candy Coat - Nail Duster - Coming Soon

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If you love our Candy Drill, you’ll love this complimentary product 

The nail duster helps capture the remains on nails and all the dust around it. It is an essential power tool for nail filing, nail extensions and even gel nails. The vacuum suction is powerful ensuring dust doesn’t fly off and gets trapped in the filter. 

It is perfect when cutting your nails or filing them as the vacuum fan makes sure to catch all the debris in the dust filter and keeps your working space clean. The Candy Coat nail duster collector works on electricity and is easy to clean. 


Professional Use Only

Certified for use with all Candy Coat enhancement products 

 UK Plug. If you are an international customer you’ll need an adapter 


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