Candy Coat PRO faq's

What is Candy Coat PRO?

Candy Coat PRO is a FREE discount scheme for professional nail technicians, salons and nail artists operating in the nail and beauty industry.

How do I become a member ?

To become a member simply apply using the form via our website and submit. You will then be verified and given access to purchase products which grants you 15% off products for salon use all year. 

What are the benefits ?

Being part of our growing professional community means being able to purchase amazing professional products at discounted prices and have access to secret sales and deal days. We believe this incentive supports your business by ensuring maximum profit at all times. 

What products are discounted?

All products excluding home use and the subscription box 

Where can I use my discount and how will I know I have it?

Once verified, products on your account will automatically discounted

I was verified but cannot see the discounts?

For immediate assistance please email client support

How much is the membership?

It's FREE! There is no cost to join as a pro 

I want to apply but can’t upload my certificates ?

If for any reason you are unable to upload your certificates or the file is too large please email it to

Why do I need to prove I'm a professional?

The membership program is a trade only exclusive. In order to qualify for discounts you must be operating within the nail or beauty sector.