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Five Ways to Take Advantage of our Sticky Sugar Glaze (With Rhinestones!)

Posted by Ruby Anderson on

You might be familiar with our Sticky Sugar Glaze, a clear adhesive polish that paves the way for all types of nail decor.

Sure, there’s nothing like the classic sugar sprinkle. But a world of opportunity awaits the blank canvas of our sticky nail. Today we’re talking rhinestones.

No glue? No problem. Skip the first few steps of the “how to apply rhinestones” tutorial and jump right in with your desired (flat-back) decor. All you have to do is wait 30-60 seconds for the glaze to cure before channeling your inner artiste.

Here are five ways to take advantage of our Sticky Sugar Glaze:


  • 1. The Rhinestone/Candy Combo

  • Decorative doesn’t have to be busy! Express your diversity with two styles in one by pairing rhinestones with a candy glitter finger.

    Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/454089574919514511/


    2. The Faded Sparkle

    Simple rhinestones add more texture to your sparkle. Add a layer of sticky sugar glaze onto your fade and apply a few stones at the thickest point. Watch the pattern come alive!

    Pro tip: Use a makeup sponge or glitter brush to apply your glitter ombre.

    Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/361062095109518481/


    3. The Two-Color Cut

    Can’t choose a color? You don’t have to. Paint two colors on one nail and conceal the imperfections with rhinestones. Diamonds are an unsteady hand’s best friend.

    Pro type: Tape one side of your nail as you paint for a more even divide.

    Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/459015387004952886/


    4. The Rhinestone Rim

    Compliment your nail color and cover those cuticles. The rhinestone rim is a growing trend and a perfect low maintenance summer look.

    Pro top: Rim the bottom for a more sustainable sparkle.

    Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/555279829038507152/

    5. The Firework

    What’s an explosion without a little pop? Rhinestones are the perfect three-dimensional addition to your firework.

    Pro tip: Use a bit of candy for a more realistic explosion.


    Social media caption: Ready to rhinestone? Our sticky sugar glaze is here to help.

    Amplify your candy nails with these summer-friendly designs.

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    All you have to do it give your cuticles a light stroke of cuticle glaze and massage it into the nails. The scent is so delicious. You can also apply it to overgrown cuticles to soften them for easy removal. To help you with the process, check out our super cool tools like our dreamy unicorn nail pusher that our girls love.    

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    I love this colour, it's so cute!
    How gorgeous do they look?
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    Gel Polish brands have the biggest challenge of having to constantly justify their products staying power and Candy Coat has been lucky as a new brand to consistently see amazing results from our customers!
    We've seen 2 - 10 weeks of growth on both natural and acrylics with absolutely no chipping or peeling!! We are super excited to share this with you and hope it helps you to view Candy Coat as a brand that's of super high quality and here to stay. 
    Here are just a few snaps but lots more can be seen on our social media! 
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    4 weeks wear
    5 weeks wear
    3 weeks
    3 weeks
    10 weeks wear
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