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The Month of Love

Happy Valentine's Day ladies!

Candy Coat wishes you an amazing day full of love. Everything needs to be perfect including our nails, so pick your for shades and feel the love one stroke at a time.

We at Candy Coat love our reds and of course they are perfect for the month of love. So whether you're in a relationship or single treat yourself to a beautiful Valentine's Day mani, ready to take on the world.

P.s : It doesn't matter who loves you today along as you love yourself everyday.


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Hello Girls,

Today I feel like I want to express my love for SUPER STRENGTH developed to make the weakest of nails strong enough to take on gel polish for longer, giving you harder, stronger natural nails. Made to prevent peeling and chipping.

As a person with bad nail history I was super excited to try the treatment. At the age of 18 I noticed that my nails were starting to come off YES COME OFF! Can you even imagine how bad that looked and made me feel, after a visit at the GP I was given vitamin D because I was very low on vitamin D.

After a few months my nails were growing and looking better but were never the same and to be honest I lost passion for nails after this purely because I didn’t like my nails anymore. I then started work at Candy Coat and the girls in the office introduced me to SUPER STRENGTH I was very curious if the treatment was going to help my helpless nails. I did my nails in the office and applied gel polish after a few hours later I noticed my nails were harder than ever, even felt stronger in about two weeks I took of my gel and the treatment and my nails were beautiful I fell in love with nails all over thank you Candy Coat for creating the best nail treatment out there..SUPER STRENGTH.



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Candy Coat x Aadnevik LONDON FASHION WEEK A/W 2018

Hey Girls

Are you excited for London Fashion Week? We definitely are very thrilled to be part of such a huge event as probably most of you know that have been with us since day one.

We will be collaborating with Aadnevik and the theme will be Swan Lake that means you will get to see Candy Coat’s darker side.

We are super happy to work with one of the most talented nail artists that you’ve probably already seen on our Instagram. Candy Coat will have an amazing team of nail techs that will be bringing the theme to life for our London Fashion Week collab,so stay tuned for this amazing ride with us.




Candy Coats Gossip Girl

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Candy Coat Blogger Event

We hosted our first Candy Coat blogger event on Saturday 25th November in Shoreditch London and it was super fun! It was time to share the Candy Coat experience so we were super excited. The event was aimed at beauty bloggers with a strong interest in nails. 

Guests were greeted with our uber chic Candy Coat display surrounded by pretty decor and lots of sweet treats! 

Of course we had to get the drinks on flow. Big thanks to Prosecco and E&J Brandy for sponsoring us.

Whilst sipping on the most delicious cocktails and mock tails and enjoying the vibes girls were getting their nails did!

We had our candy coat dolls serving guests with the cutest nail mani's ever! They had the best time. We even had our friends from Me Lounge join us on the day!

They got to check out our colour station with over 200 gel polish colours whilst colour popping their favs! 

Part of the afternoon was spent colour popping, having fun at the photobooth whilst enjoying the music by amazing DJ Mercedes Benson until the canapés crept in. Guests enjoyed a delicious selection of Andalucian spiced chicken roasted skewers, mini cheese burgers, fish 'n' wedges, thai spiced prawns with lime leaf and halloumi with chestnut mushroom and kale aioli.....yummy!

We ensured every detail was picture perfect! How cool was our candy floss candy cart. There's no candy coat party without candy.

Whilst we were sad for the afternoon to end, bloggers did however leave with the cutest goodie bags ever with lots of candy coated goodies, gels, pink goat lashes, glitters, a tangle teaser and samples of the ghost fragrance.

The highlight of the afternoon was being gifted with the most amazing present ever. Nail emojis and Candy Coat bottle cookies. If you're on our Instagram you'll be familiar with the overload of emojis. How cute and they tasted yummy too!

A lot of effort went into the production to make our event super cute and on brand and we couldn't have done it without our amazing team.

Until next time dolls!


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Stay Gold, Solid Gold

Adding a touch of luxury was always on the agenda. There is nothing more satisfying then creating nails with super luxe tools making your candy coated experience even more breathtaking. 
We partnered with a manufacturer that worked months to ensure we had the best collection and we cannot wait to launch these!
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