Colourful, Flawless Nails, Every time

Indulge in the best nail care products whether at home or in the salon

nail care routine

Prep, prime, foundation, colour, gloss and finish

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Easy to use, fun nail products

Our mission is to make the safest nail products which you can use to have a play at home

gel nails at home

Beginner friendly HEMA Free Candy Stix gel pens to use at home

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mani's at home

Indulge in glossy candy colours for a regular glossy polish

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shop our most trusted formulas

The best formulas for the most glossy, long wearing nails

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Professional Gel Colour Like No Other

Our products are used by salons and nail pros all over the world. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality product for the best Candy Coat experience

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made for pros

HEMA free gel colour like no other

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Shop our classic gels

Discover classic gel colours in cremes, glitters and unusual textures

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