💄 💅👄 cool new colours girls.....check out our new polka gels 🍭💕✌️


'Colour alters your mood + spurs creativity'

Candy Coat is an e-commerce beauty brand distinguished by it's super girly nail colour range, distinctive packaging and super fun buying experience. Our beauty startup has grown in popularity with it's unique concepts, offering a fun way to discover and shop for nail colour. 

Founded and created by it's girlboss Lyn in Summer 2015, Candy Coat produces it's own gel polish in hundreds of hues. The first product line, a 100% gel polish range has spread across social media, as it's super creamy highly pigmented formula has lasted 2 - 10 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on toes. With velvet like, super shiny toppers and candy scented cuticle glaze, you'll have candy coated mani's and pedi's in minutes. 

In addition to our online pick 'n' mix colour shop, we serve salons, pros and subscribers with a palette of colour each month. Made to feel like a gift, each box is packaged pretty, sprinkled with lots of love and pompoms and delivered to your door.

"It's not just a brand or gel polish, it's about connecting with women, making them feel good and inspiring them through colour" - Lyn