gels for complete beginners

Candy stix are perfect if you are completely new to gel nails. Simply shake, twist, paint, set go! 💅🏽

colour Xpress

No top no base, just shake + paint 🎨💅

Get ready to experience a new and improved innovative HEMA FREE gel formula that combines all the essentials in a bottle, giving you the glossiest gel manicure in seconds

Get Creative

Candy Coat have got you covered! Enjoy a playtime with gel nails at home with colour Xpress. The hema free collection of colour make super easy to try colours at home

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for newbies

Shop mini kits, playsets + essentials. The perfect start to your nail care journey

Ready to upgrade to a candy kit?

Feel comfy with gel nails? Mastered the easy ones? Then next up are the candy kits! An upgraded version of the playsets giving you pro-like vibes featuring a foundation base, colour and top coats.

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Candy kits are the best gel starter kits if you are comfortable with gel nails

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Creativity First

Creativity is always at the forefront of all we do. Have a go at your own masterpiece with Candy Coat's hema free paint palette.

A palette of a HEMA Free creamy gel that lets your creative juices go wild. It’s mixing capabilities give you endless colour options whilst functioning as a nail art and colour formula making design and colour coatings a breeze 

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creative with candy coat


I'm a complete beginner, where do I start? 💅

Candy Stix are the best products to start with as they are super easy to use. Smply shake, paint, set and go!

I have some experience with gels, which starter kit is best? 🌈

My first colour playset is a great starter kit to try at home

Can you tell me step by step how to apply colour Xpress? 💅🏽

rep nails before gel application using bubblegum cleanser liquid or wipes

1. Apply thin coats of colour Xpress
2. Set in LED nail lamp for 30-60 sec
3. Apply second thin coat of colour Xpress colour and set for 60 sec
4. Apply HEMA| Free super gloss top coat for longer wear
5. Drop cuticle glaze to each cuticle and massage

*Key Tip
For longer wear, use any Candy Coat Top Coat and cap edges on each nail during application. Always cap the edges of nails to ensure it is sealed completely

Whats the best lamp to use ? 💡

Candy Coat's LED nail lamp is a great lamp to start with to set and cure your gel nails

What are the best hema free gel colours to start with? 🎨

Candy Stix, colour Xpress or candy cremes are perfect to try

How do you remove gel nails?✨

Removing gel nails has never been easier. Simply use our popping candy gel remover or orange gel remover kit. Wrap gel nails in cotton candy balls, wrap with foils, clip with soakers and wait for up to 10min