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PRO faq's

What is Candy Coat Salons + Pro Subscription?

With an increase of salons and pros looking to Candy Coat for their nail supply needs, the introduction of the program was inevitable. 

Salons and professionals can now enjoy a flow of colour into their business every month. Enjoy a hassle free colour selection process allowing you to step outside of your comfort zone giving your clients an exciting choice of colour every month. 

How do I become a member ?

To become a member of our salon and pro's simply email proof of your professional status to the salons team who will verify you and have your account upgraded. 

What are the benefits ?

Being apart of our growing professional community means being able to purchase products at discounted prices. 

What products are discounted?

At present our salon subscription has been heavily discounted to meet the needs of our professional community giving them exceptional margins. Our pro products have been developed to ensure value for money at all times. 

What is a Colour Box ?

The colour box is a concept created by Candy Coat featuring a selection of gel polish colours and essentials. 

Is this a monthly rolling subscription?

Yes this is a monthly subscription.

How does the subscription concept work?

A set of exciting colours are curated for the month. Boxes are dispatched monthly. 

What's in the box?

The colour box includes 6 colours, essentials and swatch pops.

What sort of colours can I expect?

The salon and pro subscription box is curated with clients in mind. Each colour has been carefully selected to ensure it is either a salon classic an don trend. 

How much is the subscription?

It costs £45 a month for 6 colours in addition to a top coat and base coat. Each bottle is approximately 20 applications. 

When are payments taken?

Salon and pro subscription box payments are debited on the 21st of each month.

When are subscription boxes dispatched?

Your salons and pro colour box subscription will be dispatched between the 1st and 3rd of each month. Once dispatched they are delivered the next day by DPD.

Who do I contact if I need help with my salon subscription?

For any salon or pro related help please contact Salons Account Manager Tugce (Tee) who will provide first hand support to our trade customers by emailing

Why do I need to prove I'm a professional?

The salons and pro colour box subscription is a trade only exclusive. In order to qualify for discounts you must be operating within the beauty sector.