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Candy Coat

Candy Coat - Popping Candy HEMA Free - Gel Remover

Candy Coat - Popping Candy HEMA Free - Gel Remover

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New and Improved Popping Candy HEMA Free

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The long process of removing gel polish is over!

We’ve all dreaded the removal of gel until now

A super hot pink potion formulated to remove gel polish slowly and safely in minutes 


** Hot Tip: File top layer of your gels before applying Popping Candy 

Apply a generous amount directly and delicately onto gel polish on nails for up to 2.5mins or until you begin to see the product pop 

DO NOT keep the product on for any longer than 3mins 

Avoid direct contact on skin  


Bio-Cellulose, Organic Weak Alkali, Acrylate Monomer, Oxidized Regenerated, Cellulose

No Formaldehyde + No Methylene Chloride  

HEMA Free 

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