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Candy Coat

Candy Coat - Cordless Holo Candy Drill

Candy Coat - Cordless Holo Candy Drill

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Get ready to file in style with Candy Coat’s Cordless Pink Holo Candy Drill. This stylish candy pink and purple desktop handheld machine, gives insta-worthy vibes whilst delivering a professional electronic filing experience allowing you to achieve more precision on the nails. Perfect for nail prep, smoothing and shaping making your services faster  

Smooth vibration
Safe high rotation
Forward + reverse operation
Working voltage 110v-220v
Input Power 35W
Speed 0-35,000RPM


Pink Holo Handheld Drill x 1
Table stand x 1 
Sand bits 1
Owner's manual x 1

Candy Coat Portable Holo Candy Drill Machine:

The nail drill is rechargeable and cordless, which means you can use the drill any time & any place
It has an acetone resistant body
The battery lasts upto 10 hours
The drill gives a smooth vibration when working on the nails
It has a forward & reverse switch
It has variable speed control, so you can edit your nails in various stages
The true speed of the drill is 35,000 rpm
It has an auto-stop feature which stops it from going overload
The drill has a full view LCD screen
There is a power and charging indicator which informs you of how much powder is left and how much it has changed
It has a high capacity lithium-ion battery
The drill is 240v


Professional Use Only

Certified for use with all Candy Coat enhancement products 

How to clean:

Clean your Holo Candy Drill with a dry cloth. Do not use Acetone



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